Compact High Pressure Solar Water Heater (Adjustable Stand Frame)





-  with ADJUSTABLE bracket

-  New designed vacuum tube holder,

-  Eletric heater on water tank cap

-  New design electric heater element cover

-  316L stainless steel socket.

-  3 LEGS for 200L solar water heater

-  Heat Pipe Condenser 80mm

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Working Principle:

Super-conducting vacuum heat pipe is the good combination of glass vacuum heat pipe and the metal super-conducting pipe.

The glass vacuum heat pipe is to collect the solar power and preserve the heat; the metal pipe is to transfer the heat instantly.

When the evaporation end of the tube gets heat, the working medium of the end gets evaporated and absorbs the heat.

The heated vapor rises sharply up to the condensation end which is in the tank and condensates.

So the vapor turns into the liquid, and the phase transformation occurs to set the heat off, transmit the heat to the water of the tank.

Then, the liquid working medium flows back to the evaporation end.

In this circulating way, the heat absorbed by the glass tube is transmitted to the water to make the temperature of the water rise.



Water Tank Materials:


Interior -SUS304-2B Stainless Steel.

Exterior –  Stainless Steel

Insulation:  55mm High Density Polyurethane Foam

Thermal Efficiency: ≥55% (42% in Winter).

Thermal Loss: ≤4%

Operation Pressure: 0.6 MPa.





Computerized Kit,

Thermostatic Valve

Electric Heater

Magnesium Anode

Non-Return Valve

Air Vent


1 .Pipeline is made of all red copper and conducted by heat transfer medium liquid.

2. The crust uses aluminium alloy mould material of high strength with airflow design.

3. Each vacuum tube can work alone, so it can still work if one tube is broken. The unique connection design of heat pipe and vacuum tube can ensure seal tightness and tube replacement convenience.

4. The perfect combination of vacuum tube and heat pipe makes higher heat efficiency. Heat pipes quick transfer capability, vacuum tubes selective absorb coating and heat preservation integrate that makes them superior heat performance.

5. As no water flows in vacuum tube, it can avoid frost cracking or scaling which influence heat efficiency. So it can be able to use in all climates.

6. Collector separates with the storage tank, the tank can be put anywhere of the house and the collector suitable for both flat roof and slope roof

7. Easy install, easy operation, fashionable.

8. Well wind, snow and hail resistance.